Sunday, 14 November 2010

photoshoot-no rain, but late model

My model was late (by about 2 hours), and so i had to deal with lack of light.... but, I like the way the photos came out,  in the dark the red veil really does pop!
these are the four photos I have chosen to use, and how I will edit them:
 very dark: needs brightening - adjust red tones to match other images
 need to use clone stamp tool (photoshop) to patch over the light space in the top right, also darken slightly and alter red tones to match other images.
 use clone tool (photoshop) to remove the cone.  Crop image to even composition. alter red tones to match other images.
use straighten tool (photoshop) to straighten image, the rails are well off the photos horizon, also need to add the number 50, in graffiti to the wall in the back ground, darken image a little and alter red tones as done previously.

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