Sunday, 14 November 2010


This was  very dark image, using Photoshop's RAW Camera editor I was able to brighten it up by adding exposure and filling in light, also tweaking the sharpness to add more definition to the leaves.

In order to get all 4 images to match in terms of the model I had to adjust the red red tones, using the selective colour adjustment tool, I could brighten and darken and adjust the colours in the red tones, in this case only being the veil, to make each image look the same and look continuos.

Some of the images needed the levels adjusting, using RAW camera editor again, I could change the shadows, lights, darks ad highlights to make each image match up.

On one of the images I had to superimpose the number 50 onto the wall,  to do this I used the clone stamp tool and took a sample of the existing graffiti on the wall and dotting it in a separate layer to form a number 50.  Once complete I used the layer effects panel to let the number blend in with the masonry, I chose the 'lighten' effect.

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