Saturday, 13 November 2010

Captain's log: Shoot is tomorrow, I have everything I need, except for some Graffiti...

...I just hope it doesn't rain.

In terms of make up, there won't be any... i want my model to look as natural as possible, there will just be a little foundation/concealer etc.

Hair... Im still undecided...I picked a model with purple hair, as it looks great under the red fabric, just goes into a deeper red.  But i think ill just have it straightened and tied back.

Time of day...  3/4 o'clock,  the sun will be on its way down exaggerating all the shadows in the photo shoot area.

If it rains... stay under the 3 bridges above the railway, and work with what I can.

As for other garment, she will just be wearing simple black leggings and a black short sleeve shirt.

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