Saturday, 13 November 2010

areas in location.

I have had a good think about the location in hand and decided up on 4 areas to take photographs... the following...
This area as it shows the rails coming out of the over grow, plus it has neutral colour surroundings which will make the red clothing really pop!, and it's a great wall in which to add "50" to it.
In this one, just under a foot bridge, i would turn a little more the the right, and cut out out the majority of the light in the left, letting the bush on the right take up a fair chunk of the composition. Again, the low colour will allow the red to look great.
I love this image so much,  it says 'there is hope for this garbage'.  The green grass and the open air give a more natural look.  As if it looks like the charity is helping lots.  Note the rails again (look great in this area).
And finally this one,  i would shoot this with a little less light, It looks troubled and confusing and very stressful (as if something is taking over someone's everyday lifestyle; heart disease), i want to represent the disease as strongly as possible here, whilst expressing the charities help and support through the red garment.

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