Saturday, 13 November 2010


I visited Abakhan on wednesday to find a fabric that I could use.   After a long debate with my flat mates I came to the conclusion that the best ways to symbolise protection, safety and help would be to use something along the lines of a shawl combined with a robe or possible a very long veil.  I want it blow in the wind and look graceful, but protective at the same time.
So I went to find look for a decent fabric that you could both see through but stood out strongly, with a very harsh red. I came across these...
 I liked this one a lot, but decided no, as it was just too much a deep red wine like colour, and wouldn't stand out well enough.
 this was the perfect colour, but was just to thin.
Perfect.  Just cant see through it, and i need it like that so that the model is actually visible.

I couldn't find what I want so I asked a shop assistant and they said that they would be getting something thicker than the second one in soon,  as i really liked it and it was just way too thin, I decided to wait for that.

So today, I went back again, and found an even better one, not sure if it was the one they was talking about.  But its just right... I will post it next.

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